Benchmark Celebrates October Borns

Our Employee Welfare Program has been contributing in building a healthy culture and an inspired employee relationship.

Our team members eagerly look forward to social engagement programs, as they break the work clutter and contribute to some creative thinking and fun at work. Our birthday events have made the ambience lively and cheerful, thanks to the little efforts of our employees specially Mary Joem & Floramie Unabia whose creative thoughts and ideas in lighting up the event has been much appreciated across the organization. Adding employee engagement thru games and quiz activities has got our team members to be competitive and engaging in challenges to win prizes, which is more to create the excitement and noise around.

Our special congratulations to the winners (games/quiz):

  1. Samil Karappamveettil for winning the Trivia and proving his IQ Level.
  2. Senthil Kumar and Jeneesh Janardhan for proving the teamwork and winning “Bring Me”

Great going and all our follow members have been actively looking forward to the Birthday Bash and we would like to thank each one for their time and involvement in making this a grand success.

October 30th, 2022 Posted By benchmark