Benchmark On a Cruise

It was time for us to release our stress and pressure from our daily routine and stretch ourselves in the sea of marina to refresh.

Benchmarkers were on a song and merrier mood and the pictures below say it all.

Once in a year fanfare is that time of the year , where all employees come together , know each other better and acknowledge the contributions that we have made to the company.

In good spirit and team work , we had a round of Awards for the Best Support Staff from Finance/Admin/Front Office/Supply Chain who have worked tirelessly to support the Sales Team in their efforts to drive the sales numbers.

Benchmarkers  were riding high and in a jubilant mood during the cruise  and all said and done are ready for a new show down for the coming year.

Management, thanks each and every employee for their support and contribution during 2021 and look forward to 2022 with renewed vigor.

Wishing all our employees and their families a very Happy New Year  and we do hope that 2022 will be an incredible part of our story when we meet again , same time next year.

December 24th, 2021 Posted By benchmark