Bosses Day Out

Benchmark’s Middle Level Management Team members had the unique opportunity to attend a program “Bosses Day Out” . An event presented by “Come On Kerala” was an exclusive session for business entrepreneurs and up coming managers .

World Renown and  Global speakers covered various topics on personal and professional life balance , psychological analysis , corporate etiquettes and much more made the sessions interesting and lively.

Speakers covered topics which in a way touched our life journey and took us thru relevant happenings / behaviors that impact our life.

List of speakers and the topics covered by them included :

  • Priya Kumar – A Journey to Re-invent your self
  • Yasir Khan – Mind Your Health
  • Ashish Vidyarthi – One Life Take Flight
  • Kulpreet Yadav – Check Your Anger Thermometer Now
  • Manoj Kumar – Rejuvenating Life

Our team appreciated the opportunity given to attend and to be part of a global event.

June 27th, 2022 Posted By benchmark