Cucina – Our Dream

Cucina is an in house brand name for Benchmark Foods and a name that I Dream to make it BIG.

My passion for the food category ever since I started my career has been growing by the day, which has inherited and today created a brand name Cucina. Cucina is now completed a year plus with our product offerings in Frozen Chicken , Sea Food , French Fries have made a strong dent in the Food Service and Retail sector. Our intent is to delight the consumer through innovation, product offerings with great taste and value for money Being available across many retail channels , we are now taking a bold step with our foray into Lulu Chain of Hypermarkets where we will extend our presence widely and increase our consumer base Benchmarkers take pride in selling Cucina and we are all determined to make a huge success and grab a share in the consumers mind. Lastly would like to thank Benchmarkers and our associated partners in Food Service and Retail Sector for holding our hands together and being a part of this short and sweet successful journey .


Abdul Majeed

Executive Director

January 1st, 2017 Posted By benchmark