Freshly Frozen New Launches

Freshly Frozen Foods is our lead brand and oldest in the portfolio of Benchmark Foods which we are proud to be associated right from the Company inception

Over the years, Freshly Foods Product portfolio had been continuously growing and new product launches has been part of their business strategy to offer consumers with innovative product offerings. Some recent launches are

  • FFF Pulled Beef
  • FFF Chicken Sausage patty
  • FFF Crab and Shrimp Cakes

It has been a step to offer consumers great product with offerings that will set a new trend in consumer experience. We have had some excellent success in the last few months with products like FFF Lemon Pepper Chicken, FFF Cordon Bleu Bites , FFF Tempura Nuggets , FFF Shawarma and with the new additions we are confident of FFF products being a preferred consumer choice in the category of frozen chicken products. We look forward to many such new products from Freshly Frozen that has value based offerings and create more excitement in the market place.

December 1st, 2021 Posted By benchmark